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José M Parente de Oliveira
Ciência da Computação
111 - IEC
Áreas de atuação: 

I am a Full Professor at the Computer Science Department

Aeronautics Institute of Technology - ITA
My main areas of interest are the following:

  • Ontology
  • Semantic Web/ Open/Linked Data
  • Big Data

The geographic context in which ITA is based on allows preparing people to work on several different sectors of society, such as education, government, industry and military. Besides that, such a context counts on with science and technology facilities. All of these contribute to work on real and significant problems.

You can contact me at:

Email: parente at

Aeronautics Institute of Technology
Computer Science Department - IEC
Pca. Mal. do Ar Eduardo Gomes, 50
12228-900 - S. Jose dos Campos (SP) – Brazil
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