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Microeletrônica Analógica e digital
Circuitos condicionadores de Sinal
Síntese de Circuitos Assíncronos

Informações Gerais: 
Working as an Officer for the Brazilian Air Force in the last 27 years, he held all levels of management positions. Degree in Aeronautical Sciences (Brazilian Air Force Academy — AFA, 1993), and Electronic Engineering from the Technological Institute of Aeronautics (ITA, 2004). Master in Sciences in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science (ITA, 2011), with emphasis on Microelectronics, testability and Design of Analog Read-Out Integrated Circuits (ROICs). Doctor in Sciences, on Cryogenic Integrated Circuits for infrared detectors applications (ITA, 2014). Specialization course on “Microfabrication: Construction of MOS IC’s” (UNICAMP — CCS). He worked as engineer of the following aircrafts: F-5 (Northrop), C-295 (EADS-CASA) and DHC-5 Buffalo (De Havilland - Canada), having worked in the retrofit of the F-5 (Embraer). Two years experience in Republic of South Africa (Denel Dynamics - DETEK), where he worked with design, test and integration of Bicolor Infrared Detectors for missiles of 5th generation (A-DARTER)